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Low energy buildings

Low energy houses are houses with low energy consumption. In these houses, energy consumption for space heating ranges from 15 to 50 kWh/m2.

Passive houses are houses with annual energy consumption lower than 15 kWh/m2.

Due to the rapid growth of energy source prices on a global level, it is important to build houses with high-energy efficiency. This way of building houses is the future of construction.

Our structures with the final facade of 100 mm styrofoam ensure a coefficient of temperature transience of 0,16 W/m2K.

If the insulation thickness increases, coefficients below 0,1 W/m2K are achieved and this means passive building construction.

Green-building - How to build?

How to build?

Easy and simple installation
Easy and simple installation of LGS-structures saves time and construction costs   » Read more

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