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About construction system

We present you a new construction method.




This is a construction system using the latest technology of cold-rolled profiles.

Ready profiles are manufactured by the prefabricated system, they can be delivered individually or mounted in the necessary forms (walls, floors, ceilings, roofs). Connecting certain forms is carried out with screws or rivets. The system is designed according to the principle "do it yourself" – dry construction. All buildings can be covered with different materials (OSB, mineral wool, demit facade with styrofoam, plaster cardboards, Fermacell boards etc.).

Coefficients of temperature transience for low-energy and passive buildings can be achieved depending on the type and thickness of insulation. With the LGS construction it is easy to build and cranes or any other auxiliary equipment is not required – it is literally the system "do it yourself". It is possible to build family houses, commercial and economic buildings up to the four-storey height. The durability of building is 150 years. This construction system is being used for more than 20 years all over the world (Canada, USA, New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Indonesia, China, Middle East, Africa, Scandinavian countries, Russia, South America).

Easy and simple installation of LGS-structures saves time and construction costs. No large cranes are necessary during building installation.

Highly skilled workers are not required for the installation.

Controlled and accurate components for on-site installation are produced.

Finishing works are present no problem since there are service holes for mounting installation.

The construction according to the LGS-SYSTEM can adapt to all kinds of external facade (cladding the construction with facade brick or by some other means – ventilated facades, ETICS facades etc.).

The price of this construction method is lower than the classic method price (brick, concrete, steel reinforcement) and it is a lot better in terms of insulation and stability of buildings.

The production and installation of the LGS-SYSTEM generates minimum amount of waste that is 100% recyclable – ECO-FRIENDLY CONSTRUCTION.

LGS system provides ENERGY EFFICIENCY in construction. Facilities built according to this system have lower power consumption, which means lesser fossil fuel consumption and lower CO2 emissions to the atmosphere. Better quality of life within the built facilities is achieved with the energy efficiency and at the same time the value of buildings increases.

In order to better understand the energy efficiency it is necessary to connect several effects (except pure energy savings). In many ways energy efficiency contributes to better health conditions of people through quality control of indoor temperature, reducing indoor moisture and mold and all of this is associated with the reduction of respiratory diseases.

Green-building - How to build?

How to build?

Easy and simple installation
Easy and simple installation of LGS-structures saves time and construction costs   » Read more

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