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Thanks to the latest software that is used for designing necessary structures it is possible to produce profiles for very demanding facilities.

Machines that produce profiles are very precise and profiles are manufactured with the necessary holes for installation as well as with service holes for electrical, plumbing and other installations.

Galvanized sheets with a layer of zinc 275 g/m2 of the following quality are being used in the production: S355MC and S550MC (S350GD and S550GD).

Profile dimensions are: 140 mm and material thickness is 0,8 – 1,2 mm.

Ready profiles, are manufactured by the prefabricated system, they can be delivered individually or mounted in the necessary forms (walls, floors, ceilings, roofs).

Connecting certain forms is carried out with screws or rivets. The system is designed according to the principle "do it yourself" – dry construction. All buildings can be covered with different materials:


- mineral wool

- demit facade with styrofoam

- plaster cardboards

- Fermacell boards etc.

Covering buildings as possible with all types of cover material.

Green-building - How to build?

How to build?

Easy and simple installation
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